NFL Football Season Pool
The NFL football season pool is a free pick'em pool. Pick the winner or pick who will beat the spread for all the games each week. If you don't want to pick all the games, the league commish can select which games to pick from each week. The 2023 season pool starts Thursday Sep. 7th.
With the Match Play option, you can compete against another league member each week, similar to fantasy football. Most points wins the weekly matchup. The best W/L record at the end of the season wins the league. Without the Match Play option, the most total points at the end of the season wins the league.
The league commish can make late picks for other league members. The Parlay and Over/Under league options are also available.
All our pools feature easy league hosting setup for the commish and great league scoring options to customize the pool to your preference.
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NFL Season Pool - How it works
To enter the pool, just make some picks. Each player can make 1 set of picks.
Pick every game on the NFL Season pool pick'em page each week.
Earn points for correct picks.
The most points wins the weekly and season pools.
Point values for each pick are shown next to each team on the picks page.
Tiebreaker: the entry closest to the total points scored in the last game of the week or pool.
Each game's pick is due by the listed kickoff time.

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