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If you like to predict who is going to win the games, then we have some fun pick'em pools for you!
Starting July 24, the Men's Olympic Soccer pool and the Women's Olympic Soccer pool! The USA men's team has qualified for the first time since 2008 and the USA women's team looks to return to the gold medal stand. Start a mens and womens Olympic soccer league today.
Starting July 27, the Men's Olympic Basketball pool and the Women's Olympic Basketball pool! Play along as the USA men and women look to continue their gold medal domination! Start a mens and womens Olympic basketball league today.
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Commish can make late picks for league players
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Men's Olympic Basketball Group Phase
Pool starts Saturday Jul 27
Women's Olympic Basketball Group Phase
Pool starts Sunday Jul 28
Men's Olympic Soccer Group Stage
1st match starts in
Days Hours Mins
Women's Olympic Soccer Group Stage
Pool starts Thursday Jul 25
Women's Olympic Soccer Group Stage Pool - How it works
To enter the pool, just make some picks. Each player can make 1 set of picks.
Pick the winner of each match. Picking a draw is not available.
Earn points for correct picks and match draws. The most points wins the pool or league.
Point values for each pick are shown next to each team on the picks page.
Tiebreaker: the entry closest to the total number of corner kicks in the last match of the Group Stage.
Each match's pick is due by the listed match start time.

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