General Questions
A poolsbyround pool is an online game, based on a collection of real events. For example: March Madness or the NFL Playoffs or the College Football Season.
A poolsbyround league is a group of people who compete against each other in a poolsbyround pool. Each league is associated with one pool.
The pick deadline for each game is the scheduled start time of each game. The game dates and times are shown on the picks page. When picking the whole bracket before the pool starts, the pick deadline for all games is the start time of the first game.
There can be several reasons for this. Take these steps:
• Refresh your web page.
• Make sure you are logged in with the correct user.
• Check that the game or series has not already started.
• If you are playing a bracket pool and you are not in a league with the "After the first round, players can still pick any team" option turned on, then you can pick a team only if you picked that team in the previous round.
• Still having problems? contact us
Sometimes a user has more than 1 email address and is trying to login or reset their password with the wrong email address. Check this first and then if you still can't login, get help.
If the pool has not started yet, you can quit a league by going to any league page and clicking the X link next to the league name. If the pool has already started, then you need to ask your league commish to remove you from the league.
The points for each team pick are shown on the picks page below each team's name. Hover over the points shown for additional points info.
Sort of. Each player can be in only 1 league per pool. But after making your picks, you can click on the 'pick again' button on the picks page and add another player. Then your additional player can join another league.
Yes. Each 'player' can only make picks once. But after making your picks, you can click on the 'pick again' button on the picks page and follow the instructions to make 1 additional player and set of picks.
You can see other's picks by clicking the player's name on the leaderboard or by going to the league all picks page. Other players' picks are revealed once a game or series starts. Or if the "See other league members' picks before the pick deadlines" league option is selected, you can see other league members' picks as soon as they are made.
Sorry, currently there are no prizes. If you know someone that would like to sponsor a contest, please let us know.
League Hosting Questions
First start a new league. Then go to your league page. Then click the commish button. Then click the 'invite players' and/or 'add no-login players' buttons and follow the instructions.
Yes, you still need to create a new league for each new pool. Then you can selectively import league members from any past league into your new league. You don't have to invite players again if they have played in one of your previous pools.
You can send invitations and join a league after a pool starts and until a pool is about half over. Poolsbyround does not want to prevent late arrivals from playing. The commish can remove unwanted players from their league.
Yes, the commish of each league can make late picks for all league members.
To do so, first set the "Allow commish to make late picks for league players" league option to Yes.
Then click the settings icon to the right of any player's name on the leaderboard, then click the "Edit picks" link to make their picks.
Late picks are available for a limited amount of time for each game, so get your picks in when you can.
Remove all the league members, except yourself, using the settings icon to the right of each player's name on the league leaderboard. Then click the X button next to your name on the league leaderboard. This will delete your league.
Some league options can not be changed once the pool starts. But most scoring options can. Changing scoring options during a pool will affect all rounds of the pool, not just rounds going forward.
There are several factors used for the points calculation. Depending on the pool, poolsbyround points are awarded based on either the team seed (March Magic), the series moneyline (NBA Playoffs, MLB Playoffs and NHL Playoffs), the match moneyline (World Cup pools), or the game's spread (all other pools). A typical game (except for March Magic) has a total of 20 possible points. In an evenly matched game, both team's picks are worth 10 points. In a game with a big favorite for example, the points might be 5 points for the favorite and 15 points for the underdog. For bracket pools, additional small adjustments may also be made to balance the value of each pick. You can use the low/medium/high underdog setting to tweak the favorite to underdog points ratio to your preference.
Once the applicable point spread/seed/moneyline has been established for a game, you can see each team's potential point value on the picks page. You can change your league scoring option and then revisit the picks page to see how the team points change.
Yes, the league commish can adjust each member's point total. See the player settings link next to each player's name on the leaderboard.
Yes, see the "add no-login players" league page for more info.
Leagues can have an unlimited number of members, including league players who login themselves and no-login players whose picks are made by the league commish.
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