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Starting Soon: March Magic Bracket Pool

The March Magic pool at poolsbyround is a free bracket pick'em pool
based on the March Madness NCAA college basketball tournament.
Tired of filling out a whole bracket and then being out of it after the first round or two?
Here players pick 1 round at a time, not the whole bracket at once.
If you want to set up your own March Magic pool, poolsbyround is made for you!
Easily invite players by email, text or social message.
Great league scoring options take our pick'em pools to the next level.
• Points can increase each round.
• Lower seeded teams (underdogs) can be worth more points.
• After the first round players can still pick any team.
• Fine tune each league option to your preference.
March Magic Pool - How it works

This is a bracket pick'em pool. Just pick the winner of each game.

You can pick just 1 round at a time.

Points increase each round (league can opt out).

Underdogs are worth more points (league can opt out).

After the 1st round, you can only pick from teams that you picked in the previous round (league can opt out).

Each game's pick is due by tipoff time.

Most points wins the pool!

Tiebreaker: the entry closest to the total points scored in the National Championship Game wins the pool or league.

More league info.
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