Bowl Games - League Options
Scoring options determine how many points are awarded for a correct pick for players in a league. Other options determine how the league works. Most options can be changed anytime during the pool.
For the Bowl Games pool, with all the scoring related options below set to No or None, all correct picks are worth 10 points each.
You can try different league options here and then see the resulting team point values on the picks page. The point value for each pick, along with other team info, is shown on the picks page once picks are available. Hover over the points shown there for more scoring info for each team.
Play Beat the Spread instead of Pick the Winners:
Pick which teams will beat the spread instead of picking which teams will win the game.
This option uses the point spreads displayed on the picks page to determine the correct pick.
Both teams' picks in each game are worth the same number of points.
Select games to pick from:  
Select Games
Select Yes: The commish selects the games to include in the pool before making picks available for league players.
Select No: League players pick all the games.
Set this option before making picks.
If you turn this option on, then use the commish > select games button to select your games to pick from..
Underdogs are worth more points:
Underdogs are worth more points
With this option, instead of a pick being worth 10 points, an underdog's pick will be worth 11, 12, 13, etc points.
Conversely, a favorite's pick will be worth 9, 8, 7, etc points.
Points values are based on the point spread of the game. Point values may change as the spread changes.
Bigger bowl games are worth more points:
Bigger bowl games are worth more points
With this option, game points increase with a game's significance, which is based on team rankings, bowl payout and bowl tradition.
Points are multiplied by a factor of your choosing (1, 3, 6, 9, 12).
For example, with the default medium setting, games are multiplied by a factor of 1 to 6, based on it's significance, e.g., the CFP National Championship Game is worth 6 times as much as the smaller early bowls.
Using this option along with the underdog option is recommended for a more challenging game experience.
Allow league members to risk extra points on each game's pick:
Risk extra points on each game's pick option
When the 'risk' choice is selected for a pick, you win extra points for a correct pick or lose points for an incorrect pick.
When 'risk' is not selected, you do not lose points for an incorrect pick.
This league option is only available when the Beat the Spread option is used.
Include Over/Under Picks:  
Players pick whether the total points scored in a game will be OVER or UNDER the posted number.
Win 5 or 10 points for correct over/under picks. Lose 5 or 10 points for wrong ones. Over/Under points do not increase with each round in bracket pools.
League players don't have to make over/under selections. Players who make over/under picks do not necessarily have an advantage since there is a 50/50 chance to win or lose points.
Display the last place player on your leaderboard in red:
Display last place player in red
This is a fun option to emphasize who's in last place in your league.
It encourages a bit of trash talking.
Also adds incentive for players to keep playing.
Each league can decide on the consequences for finishing in last place ;)
See other league members' picks before the pick deadlines:
See other league members' picks before the pick deadlines
Typically you can only see other league members' picks for games that have already started.
With this option, players can always see league competitors' picks.
Players can change their picks until a game begins.
Allow commish to make late picks for league players:
Commish can make late picks for others
Turn this option 'on' if the commish needs the ability to make late picks for league members.
Use the settings icon to the right of each player's name on the leaderboard to make their picks.
Late picks are available for a limited amount of time, so get your picks in as soon as you can.
Late picks are indicated on the leaderboard by an asterisk next to each player's points.
Options can only be changed by the league commissioner.
League options do not affect players' points on the All Players leaderboards on the home page. Depending on the league options selected, your league points may be different from your All Players leaderboard points.
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