about poolsbyround

Poolsbyround pools are quick and easy to play and fun for both sports fans and casual players. Playing is completely free with no restrictions. All pools are pick'em pools. Just pick the winner of each game (accurately).

Depending on the pool, picks are made a round at a time, a game at a time or a series at a time. Picks are often due weekly, which works great for office pools.

Lots of great scoring options are available for each pool. The player with the most points wins the pool or league, but not all correct picks are necessarily worth 1 point. Poolsbyround offers a wide variety of scoring options.

Leagues are available for players to set up. Leagues include a built in email / text chat feature, a leaderboard, reports and great options. Unlike some other pool sites, you don't have to join a league to play. See the leagues page for more about leagues.

Questions and comments are more than welcome.
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• Simple sign up and easy to play
• Pick by round, game or series.
• Great league options, include:
   • Points increase as rounds progress.
   • Underdog picks earn more points based on team seed, series money line or game spread.
   • After the first round, players can still pick any team.
   • Risk extra points on a pick.
   • Bonus for picking a series winner in the correct # of games.
   • See other league members' picks before the pick deadline.
• Optional email reminders
• Optional text message reminders
• Mobile phone compatible website
• Leagues include:
   • Leaderboard
   • See other players picks
   • Great scoring options
   • Email and text message chat feature
   • Easy commish set up
   • Join a league with 1 click
• Everything is free

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