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Our games are quick and easy to play and fun for both sports fans and casual players. Playing is completely free with no restrictions. All pools are pick'em pools. Just pick the winner of each game or optionally pick which team will beat the spread.

Bracket pool picks can be made 1 round at a time, or all at once before the games begin. Playing 1 round at a time is recommended and provides a more engaging, strategic pool. Some pool's picks are due weekly, which works great for office pools.

Innovative pick'em scoring options are available for each pool. The player with the most points wins the pool or league, but not all correct picks are necessarily worth 1 point.

If you want to set up a pool league for friends and others, poolsbyround is built for you. Here you can set up, customize and track the results of sports pool leagues. Use poolsbyround as a tool to set up the type of pool league you want.

Typically each league member signs up and makes their own picks. But if the league commish wants to add league members that for whatever reason can not login themselves, that is also possible. In that case, the commish just adds those player's names and makes picks for them.

Leagues can also be customized with their own banner and avatar images. Perfect for branding your company contest or fundraiser, or just for fun with your friends.

League hosting is easy for players to set up. League commissioners have convenient ways to invite players, by using either email, text or social media messages. Great league scoring options take our pick'em pools to the next level. Find out more about leagues.
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