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NFL Football Week 3 Pool
NFL Football Regular Season Pool
  NFL Weekly Champs  
2017 Week 2
2017 Week 1
NFL Weekly Pool - How it works
To enter the pool, just make your picks.
Pick every NFL game of the week.
Each game's pick is due by kickoff time.
The most points earned each week wins the pool!
Options used on the home page 'all players' leaderboard:
Underdogs are worth more points (league can opt out).
Risk it option: Win extra points for a correct pick or lose points for an incorrect pick (league can opt out).
More league info.
 Reigning Champs  
2017 NBA Playoffs
Mine's Dunk in You
2017 March Magic
Joe the Stud
2017 NFL Playoffs
2016-2017 All Bowl Games
Go Kentucky?
2016-2017 BIG Bowl Games
2016 NFL Regular Season
NFL Football Week 3 Leaderboard
 Points  Player
12    Big Dawg
12    kp
12    Will
9    bloom
9    Bob Reilly
9    Christine Lee
9    Christopher Reid
9    da_top_dawgg
9    GoWarriors2016
9    L3gionario
9    mona
9    ready or not
9    Shannon
9    sloth808
9    wojtek
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click on the player's name
updated 9/21 11:16 pm cdt
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