NFL Season Pool 2021
College Football Season Pool 2021
Pick The Winners - NFL Football Week 2 Week 2 - 2021

Brent Ferrill picks
Pool points:176
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Notice the spread shown for each game.
A - (minus) sign means the team is favored by the indicated # of points.
A + (plus) sign means the team is an underdog by the indicated # of points.
Think of the spread as meaning: "Will the favorite win by more than the point spread?".
For example, if the Packers are a 7.5 point favorite over the Bears and the final score is Packers 28, Bears 21, then the Bears pick wins because the Packers won by only 7.
The spread values may change, up until game time.
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Giants  at  Washington 
(+3)  12 pts  Info about Giants
Info about Washington  8 pts  (-3)
Risk: high(+8 pts or -12 pts)
Bengals  at  Bears 
(+2)  11 pts  Info about Bengals
Info about Bears  9 pts  (-2)
Risk: off
Texans  at  Browns 
(+12)  16 pts  Info about Texans
Info about Browns  4 pts  (-12)
Risk: off
 Rams  at  Colts
(-3)  8 pts  Info about Rams
Info about Colts  12 pts  (+3)
Risk: low(+4 pts or -6 pts)
 Bills  at  Dolphins
(-3)  8 pts  Info about Bills
Info about Dolphins  12 pts  (+3)
Risk: off
Patriots  at  Jets 
(-5)  7 pts  Info about Patriots
Info about Jets  13 pts  (+5)
Risk: off
 49ers  at  Eagles
(-3)  8 pts  Info about 49ers
Info about Eagles  12 pts  (+3)
Risk: low(+4 pts or -6 pts)
Raiders  at  Steelers 
(+5)  13 pts  Info about Raiders
Info about Steelers  7 pts  (-5)
Risk: off
Saints  at  Panthers 
(-3)  8 pts  Info about Saints
Info about Panthers  12 pts  (+3)
Risk: high(+12 pts or -8 pts)
 Broncos  at  Jaguars
(-6)  7 pts  Info about Broncos
Info about Jaguars  13 pts  (+6)
Risk: high(+6 pts or -14 pts)
 Vikings  at  Cardinals
(+3)  12 pts  Info about Vikings
Info about Cardinals  8 pts  (-3)
Risk: off
Falcons  at  Buccaneers 
(+12)  16 pts  Info about Falcons
Info about Buccaneers  4 pts  (-12)
Risk: high(+3 pts or -17 pts)
 Cowboys  at  Chargers
(+3)  24 pts  Info about Cowboys
Info about Chargers  16 pts  (-3)
Risk: high(+12 pts or -8 pts)
 Titans  at  Seahawks
(+5)  13 pts  Info about Titans
Info about Seahawks  7 pts  (-5)
Risk: low(+6 pts or -3 pts)
Chiefs  at  Ravens 
(-3)  8 pts  Info about Chiefs
Info about Ravens  12 pts  (+3)
Risk: off
Lions  at  Packers 
(+11)  16 pts  Info about Lions
Info about Packers  4 pts  (-11)
Risk: off
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In case of a tie, the entry closest to the total points scored in the last game listed wins the pool or match.
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