Picks - College Football Week 3 and Full Season - 2019

HectorB. has 67 points in the weekly pool and 494 points in the full season pool.
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You can pick a maximum of 10 games out of all the games shown.
To remove a pick, click a picked team name.
Notice the spread shown for each game.
A - (minus) sign means the team is favored by the indicated # of points.
A + (plus) sign means the team is an underdog by the indicated # of points.
Think of the spread as meaning: "Will the favorite win by more than the point spread?".
For example, if the Packers are a 7.5 point favorite over the Bears and the final score is Packers 28, Bears 21, then the Bears pick wins because the Packers won by only 7.
The spread values may change, up until game time.
Underdogs get more points to balance the value of each pick.
The scoring is similar to a money line pick.
Point values for each pick are set based on the game's spread.
Players simply pick a winner, instead of dealing with beating the spread.
When the 'Risk It' option is turned on for a game, you win extra points for a correct pick or lose points for an incorrect pick.
When the 'Risk It' option is turned off, you do not lose points for an incorrect pick.
 N. Carolina  at  Wake Forest
Risk It: off
(+3)  11 pts   Info about N. Carolina at espn
Info about Wake Forest at espn   9 pts  (-3)
Washington St  at  Houston 
Risk It: off
(-8)  7 pts   Info about Washington St at espn
Info about Houston at espn   13 pts  (+8)
 Pittsburgh  at  Penn State
Risk It: off
(+17)  16 pts   Info about Pittsburgh at espn
Info about Penn State at espn   4 pts  (-17)
 Kansas State  at  Mississippi St
Risk It: off
(+7)  13 pts   Info about Kansas State at espn
Info about Mississippi St at espn   7 pts  (-7)
NC State  at  West Virginia 
Risk It: off
(-6)  7 pts   Info about NC State at espn
Info about West Virginia at espn   13 pts  (+6)
 Ohio State  at  Indiana
Risk It: off
(-17)  4 pts   Info about Ohio State at espn
Info about Indiana at espn   16 pts  (+17)
Maryland  at  Temple 
Risk It: off
(-7)  7 pts   Info about Maryland at espn
Info about Temple at espn   13 pts  (+7)
 Air Force  at  Colorado
Risk It: off
(+4)  12 pts   Info about Air Force at espn
Info about Colorado at espn   8 pts  (-4)
 Stanford  at  UCF
Risk It: off
(+8)  13 pts   Info about Stanford at espn
Info about UCF at espn   7 pts  (-8)
USC  at  BYU 
Risk It: off
(-4)  8 pts   Info about USC at espn
Info about BYU at espn   12 pts  (+4)
Oklahoma State  at  Tulsa
(-14)  5 pts   Info about Oklahoma State at espn
Info about Tulsa at espn   15 pts  (+14)
Colorado State  at  Arkansas
(+10)  14 pts   Info about Colorado State at espn
Info about Arkansas at espn   6 pts  (-10)
Iowa  at  Iowa State
(-2)  9 pts   Info about Iowa at espn
Info about Iowa State at espn   11 pts  (+2)
Arizona State  at  Michigan St.
(+14)  15 pts   Info about Arizona State at espn
Info about Michigan St. at espn   5 pts  (-14)
Louisville  vs  W Kentucky
(-9)  6 pts   Info about Louisville at espn
Info about W Kentucky at espn   14 pts  (+9)
Florida  at  Kentucky
(-8)  7 pts   Info about Florida at espn
Info about Kentucky at espn   13 pts  (+8)
TCU  at  Purdue
(-2)  9 pts   Info about TCU at espn
Info about Purdue at espn   11 pts  (+2)
Florida State  at  Virginia
(+7)  13 pts   Info about Florida State at espn
Info about Virginia at espn   7 pts  (-7)
N Illinois  at  Nebraska
(+13)  15 pts   Info about N Illinois at espn
Info about Nebraska at espn   5 pts  (-13)
Texas Tech  at  Arizona
(-2)  9 pts   Info about Texas Tech at espn
Info about Arizona at espn   11 pts  (+2)
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