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March Magic - League Options
Options affect how many points are awarded for a correct pick for players in the league. Other options affect how the league works.
For March Magic, without any scoring options turned on, all correct picks are worth 1 point each.
The point value for each pick, along with other team info, is shown on the bracket picks page. Hover over the points shown there for more scoring info for each team.
Lower seeded teams (underdogs) are worth more points:
More points for underdogs encourages players to not always pick the favorite.
Underdog points are based on each team's seed and are calibrated to balance the odds of each pick.
Point values with this option are approximately = seed number / 2. For example, a 6 seed pick is worth 3 points.
If the 'players can pick any team' option below is also selected, then point values with this option are approximately = seed / 3.
This option is used on the overall leaderboard.
Points increase with each round:
For the 6 rounds in the tournament, points are approximately multiplied by: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
This option gives players a better chance to catch up and not lose interest.
This option is used on the overall leaderboard.
After the first round, players can pick any team:
Typically after the 1st round in a brackets pool, players can only pick from the teams they picked in the previous round.
With this option, players start fresh each round and can pick any team, regardless of their previous round's picks.
This option is not used on the overall leaderboard and disqualifies players from the overall leaderboard.
Warning: If you turn this option on, after the round round is over, you can not turn it off again.
See other league members' picks before the pick deadline:
Typically you can only see other league members' picks after a game begins.
With this option, players can always see league competitors' picks.
Players can change their picks until a game begins.
Options can only be changed by the league commissioner.
League options do not affect players' points on the overall leaderboard on the home page. Depending on the league options selected, your league points may be different from your overall leaderboard points.
General League Instructions
You can set up a league or join a league within any pool. Leagues are optional.
Leagues include a built-in email and text chat feature and a leaderboard.
Leagues have various scoring options to customize the league to your preferences.
To start a league for a pool, enter a league name, set your options, and invite people to join.
To join a league, either accept an invitation from a league commissioner or join an open league, if available.
poolsbyround sends league invitations by email.
A player can be in only 1 league per pool. To play in multiple leagues, set up another player.
If your league ends in a tie, the tiebreaker entry that is closest to the total points scored in the last game of the pool, wins the league.
League members still compete on the overall pool leaderboard on the home page as well as their own league leaderboard.